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Snow Removal Services


Urban Contracting is a local company in the Edmonton area that will clear snow and ice from your parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, or rooftop.

Our team provides the most efficient, dependable and time sensitive snow removal services for residential and commercial customers. There are many benefits to hiring our company for your snow removal needs:

Snow Removal Services Edmonton
  • Your payment options are flexible because our company provides monthly, daily, or hourly rates for our clients.
  • We have all the equipment to do residential and commercial snow clearing and removal.
  • If you signup for a snow removal contract, you are guaranteed to have your snow removed within a reasonable time frame after a snow fall.
  • We make your property safe in winter by reducing the possibility of someone being injured by falls on your property.
  • The main reason to consider professional snow removal service is so you don’t receive any fines for neglecting to do the task yourself.