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Crane Rentals


Urban Contracting offers the rental of cranes to industrial and commercial clients in the Edmonton capital region.

We currently have one first-rate crane that would be ideal for a longer term construction project, as we are able to rent out the crane on a monthly or annual basis only. Cranes can provide many advantages for your construction project.

Cranes Can Handle the Weight

If you have a large amount of materials to move, or you need some lifting power, a crane is exactly what you need to accomplish the task.

They Have Mobility

Many cranes are not equipped with features that allow them to be moved around a construction site with ease.

Cranes Save Time and Increase Productivity

Using cranes can save your employees time with moving around materials, thereby increasing their overall productivity

They Improve Safety

There are far fewer health and safety issues on your site due when you use a crane, rather than having your employees move construction materials manually.