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Bobcat Services


Urban Contracting provides Bobcat rental services in the greater Edmonton area.

We can offer Bobcats to residential and commercial clients to give them the extra power and muscle they need to complete any construction or maintenance task that requires digging and hauling.

Bobcat Rentals Edmonton

You Can Complete a Multitude of Tasks:

  • Snow removal
  • Grading
  • Yard leveling
  • Installing or removing aggregate (concrete)

We Have A Variety of Bobcats

We can match the requirements of your project to the appropriate size of Bobcat that you will require.

Your Rental is Flexible

We can offer hourly, daily, or monthly terms to provide you the flexibility you need to finish your project.

Our Bill Will Fit Your Budget

When you rent from Urban Contracting we can work with you to figure out how we can meet the budget you have set aside for Bobcat services.

We Can Provide Attachments

Bobcats come with attachments to complete specific tasks. We can provide you these tools so you can completely complete your project.